5 Fast Facts about Scottsboro History

Fast Facts about Scottsboro History

Think you know all there is to know about the history of Scottsboro? We’ll see if we can stump you—or at least provide a quick brush-up on your historical schooling. These fast facts about Scottsboro history may cause you to pause, or even grant you some new perspective.

Scottsboro has seen some name changes.

Scottsboro’s first name was Scottsville. Later, the town’s name changed to Scott’s Mill. Scottsboro was adopted in 1858.

Scottsboro steamed ahead because of rail lines.  

The town of Bellefonte originally held county seat status for Jackson County in the late 1840s. Railway lines—built at the behest of Robert Scott—turned Scottsboro into a relatively bustling trade center. This paved the way for Scottsboro to become the eventual county seat—a status that remains today.

The Spirit of St. Louis visited Scottsboro.

On his way to Chattanooga, Charles Lindbergh stopped by Scottsboro on Oct. 5, 1927, showing off stunts in his The Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. Now that’s one of the fast facts about Scottsboro history that’s truly out of this world!

Industrialization hit its stride in Scottsboro.

While agriculture and lumber made up the lion’s share of Scottsboro’s economy for years, industrialization took root well in Scottsboro. In 1933, the founding of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) provided north Alabama with job growth and technological innovation, which proved pivotal for Scottsboro’s economy.

Our history inspired American classics.

Harper Lee, spurred on by the Scottsboro trials, wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, an American literary classic still studied to this day. The Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center stands as a reminder of the civil rights struggle—and a testament to the trials of a changing community.


Scottsboro has a storied past behind it—and these fast facts about Scottsboro history prove that. Scottsboro also has a vibrant future ahead of it.

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