Local Spotlight: Scottsboro Antiques

Scottsboro Antiques

Scottsboro is a place where you can step back through time, even for just a moment. That’s certainly true at Scottsboro Antiques, a treasure trove of period pieces, curios, and collectibles. Yesteryear is on full display at this one-stop antiques shop off West Willow Street!

About Scottsboro Antiques

Only 200 yards away from the world renowned Unclaimed Baggage, Scottsboro Antiques carries the same spirit as its famed neighbor. The 30,000-square-foot shop houses antiques of all kinds, from armoires to architectural artifacts. 

Scottsboro Antiques owes its breadth (and depth) of antiques to its collector roots. Almost half a century in the making, Scottsboro’s small town antique stop began with an impressive stockpile from one of our own: Judge R.I. Gentry. Today, Gentry’s daughter, Abby, oversees the store and its plethora of unique pieces from across the globe. 

What’s for sale at Scottsboro Antiques?

Touted as a picker’s dream, Scottsboro Antiques sure seems to live up to its legend. The shop boasts wares from all over, including: 

  • Rustic furniture 
  • Vintage American and European furniture
  • Collectibles and chairs
  • Architectural artifacts ranging from windows to stair railings
  • Further furniture pieces

In addition to its antique merchandise, Scottsboro Antiques also features furniture restoration and CeCe Caldwell’s Paints chalk and clay paints and finishes, which are non-toxic and do not contain VOCs. The shop also offers introductory courses on how to restore your newfound treasures. 


You never what you’ll find when you visit Scottsboro Antiques. It’s somewhere you can wander for hours and still be surprised. But we’re betting something will catch your eye once inside its space!

Speaking of space, that reminds us: have you found yours in Scottsboro? At Willow Creek, we offer sensible floor plans with ample square footage to make a home. Feel free to visit us online to learn more and even apply! As for other local spotlights you’ll love, our blog has plenty to pick through!