In the News: Heritage Center Expansion Project

Heritage Center Expansion Project

The town of Scottsboro has announced exciting plans for a local landmark and popular venue. The Heritage Center expansion project was recently approved and construction for the project is underway. This expansion is not just about expanding a building. It’s about expanding possibilities.

What This Means for the City

The Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center has been an important part of the community since 1985. It serves as the city’s historical and cultural museum committed to representing the rich history, customs, traditions, and art of Jackson County. But that’s not all. It’s also available for rent for events like weddings, graduation parties or teas, office events, fundraisers and more.

The Heritage Center expansion project consists of a 3,000-foot addition, which means more accessibility for events, meetings, and exhibits. The extra space will also provide additional storage for the many historical documents and items that bring history to life for residents and visitors alike.

Remembering the Past while Building the Future

The museum features three separate exhibit areas. First, there is the antebellum Brown-Proctor House, which offers a unique backdrop for memory-making events such as weddings, milestone birthday parties and anniversaries plus allows visitors a glimpse back in time with the many artifacts on display.

Next up is the pioneer village known as Sagetown. It boasts original log structures dating between 1820-1880, according to the Heritage Center’s website.. Again, history comes to life and as guests learn about Jackson County’s noteworthy role in the Civil War—involvement that had varying opinions from the town’s citizens.

Last but not least, is the Little Courthouse with a treasure trove of important historical documents and another glimpse into the judicial development of the area.

Even though the Heritage Center expansion project will change the appearance of the grounds, history will be preserved, and the lives of the residents will be enhanced by the Center’s growth.


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