Local Spotlight: Northeast Alabama Community College

Northeast Alabama Community College

Ring, ring! Can you hear the bell? School is back in season for Northeast Alabama Community College. As the Mustangs start cracking open their books for the first time this semester, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on this incredible long-lived local institution. Students and alumni, potential new matriculates, and local residents alike can all learn something new about this cool college. Read on and put your knowledge to the test!

More on Northeast Alabama Community College

Located in Rainsville, AL, Northeast Alabama Community College offers an affordable quality education. The two-year college first opened its doors in 1963. Back then, its inaugural class had just 380 students. Now, though, more than 3,300 students proudly work towards their degrees. Go Mustangs!

What programs and majors does Northeast Alabama Community College offer?

Planning for the future is exhilarating—especially when you have good options. You can pursue an excellent education at Northeast Alabama Community College.

Though the Spring 2021 registration period ended on January 8, 2021, you can still apply for the summer or fall 2021 semesters. Some of the programs, associates’ degrees, and certifications you can study under include:

  • Horticulture;
  • Accounting;
  • Pre-Optometry;
  • Wildlife Ecology;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Pre-Dentistry;
  • Meteorology
  • Computer Graphics and Web Design;
  • Architecture;
  • Business;
  • Office Administration;
  • Education;
  • And more.

Curious about their other courses? See their full list of programs, certifications, and degrees here.

Adjusting to COVID-19

Over the past year, the traditional college experience has undergone a few tweaks. After all, Northeast Alabama Community College cares about its students and staff. Right now, they plan to employ virtual classes throughout this month, though certain labs will occur in-person, with the proper precautions. They will continue to assess and optimize their safety strategies as the months pass. You can fully read through their COVID-19 policies here.


Northeast Alabama Community College has helped people all over the country plan and prepare for a successful future. If you want to give yourself the foundation for success, you can always listen to the call of the Mustangs!

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