In the News: Publix in Scottsboro

Publix in Scottsboro

In 2020, many of us limited our time out of the house to the grocery store. The past year hasn’t exactly given us the opportunity to see new sights. Now, however, we can look forward to an upgraded shopping experience at the upcoming Publix in Scottsboro, AL. It plans to open its doors in 2022 at the intersection of Frontage Road and Highway 72. And when you visit, you’ll see that it isn’t your typical Publix either!

More on the New Publix

If you’ve ever been to Publix before, you probably have a picture of what the new one will look like. Well, it’s time to adjust that! The planned Publix will come with a bit of Scottsboro, AL flavor.

In other words, they will create it with the style of our city in mind. The architects even took a look at our downtown to glean inspiration from its buildings and materials. With 45,000 square feet of space to fill, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do. Most likely, the ink on the lease will dry some time this month. Construction starts this fall.

Additionally, the Publix won’t mark the only development in the area. It will come included as part of an 80,000-square-foot shopping center, made by White Development. So, you can pick up more than groceries when you visit the area!

How will the new Publix impact our town?

The new Publix won’t just feed our population; it will also feed our local economy! Its arrival will herald approximately 200 jobs. Not to mention, its creation comes as part of a $30 million-dollar investment. That means quite a chunk of change for our local economy. From construction, to materials purchased, to store job positions, many people will benefit from the new Publix.

When will the new Publix open?

We still have some time until they unveil the new Publix in Scottsboro. Current estimates state that the grocery store will welcome customers some time between July and September 2022.


It really says something that the new Publix in Scottsboro, AL has us excited about shopping for groceries again. Next year, you can pick up your fave Pub Sub (pro tip: order one toasted, with chicken tenders) at a unique location. Until then, we can dream!

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