Local Spotlight: Buck’s Pocket State Park

Buck's Pocket State Park

How often do we actually get the chance to go on a good, old-fashioned trek? This summer, you can answer the call at Buck’s Pocket State Park. Located in Grove Oak, AL, this nearby treasure shows its visitors the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Thinking of planning a trip? We’ll give you all the info you need to know!

More on Buck’s Pocket State Park

For more than a century, Americans have preserved some of the country’s most breathtaking areas by turning them into state parks. Officially, the government began the National Parks Service in 1916. Over the years, they added new protected spots to the ranks—including Buck’s Pocket State Park in 1971.

Reopened earlier this month, the Park can officially welcome new visitors. With 200 acres to traverse, a canyon, and of course South Sauty Creek, guests can truly step into a pristine piece of nature.

What can I do at Buck’s Pocket State Park?

You’ll never have to worry about boredom at Buck’s Pocket State Park. In fact, some of the things you can do include:

  • Camping on-site;
  • Walking, running, driving, or hiking on their eight miles of off-road paths;
  • Canoeing or kayaking;
  • Observing the wildlife;
  • Visiting the 800-foot canyon;
  • And more.

Visiting Details

You’re one step closer to the fun! The park opens to the public from sunrise to sunset. You can find it at 393 County Road 174 in Grove Oak, AL. It’s about a 35-minute drive from Willow Creek Apartment Homes.

No need to pay per person! When you visit, the park will charge $5 per car. So, bring your buds!

Additionally, if you have any questions, give them a call at (256) 659-6288.


Sure, adventuring through nature brings a ton of fun—especially at Buck’s Pocket State Park. After a long day, though, nothing can beat sleeping in your own bed! Fortunately, your home sweet apartment will stay right where you left it: Willow Creek.

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