In the News: Jackson County Was Named Among the Tennessee RiverTowns for 2022

Jackson County was named among the Tennessee RiverTowns for 2022

Recently, Jackson County was named among the Tennessee RiverTowns for 2022. In fact, it is one of five communities selected this year, and the only Alabama participant! What does that mean, exactly? Let us explain!

Being Selected

Jackson County was named among the Tennessee RiverTowns for 2022 because it met certain criteria. Specifically, this includes a demonstrated understanding of what the Tennessee RiverLine is setting out to accomplish.

To clarify, Tennessee RiverTowns is part of the Tennessee RiverLine initiative working to connect a 652-mile stretch of the Tennessee River to places and people. It starts at Mile 652 in Knoxville, TN, and ends at Mile 000 in Paducah, KY.

Jackson County falls along the way, making it a good area to stop and stay for a while. Hence, a good reason to join up with Tennessee RiverLine and their partners.

Other 2022 inductees include Chattanooga, TN, Meigs County, TN, Perry County, TN and Spring City, TN.

What It Means

Now that Jackson County was named among the Tennessee RiverTowns for 2022, it means new opportunities await. As part of the 2022 cohort, the five areas join the initial 15 places that are all part of this collaboration.

It means Jackson County businesses and potential businesses will be eligible for exclusive grants and program opportunities. Furthermore, the partnership provides support for grant writing among other program assistance.

It also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Physically, you can paddle, bike or hike all along the 652-mile stretch. Additionally, being outdoors is a natural stress reducer!

Did we mention the new business opportunities it presents? As new visitors paddle, bike and hike the trails, they are going to need things—like places to stop, dine, shop and rest—perhaps for a night or two.

But being selected as a participant is just the beginning. It is a three-stage process that includes reaching benchmarks and a proven investment from Jackson County. In the long run, the area will benefit from Tennessee RiverLine’s marketing, trip planning tools and much more.


Jackson County is a thriving historic Alabama community along the beautiful Tennessee River. One of our favorite Jackson County cities happens to be home to Willow Creek Apartment Homes in Scottsboro. Need more city info? Keep reading our blogs featuring local businesses, community events and area fun facts!