Local Spotlight: Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center

Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center

The Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center opened in 1985 and traces its roots in Jackson County. This historical local museum is dedicated to representing the rich history, customs, traditions, and art of Jackson County. You may even experience something paranormal the Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center!

The Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center

Founded in 1985, the Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Jackson County. The museum is made up of four separate exhibit areas: The “Brown-Proctor House,” the “Addition,” the pioneer village named “Sagetown” and “The Little Courthouse.”

Before you start exploring, you will get to learn about the people who lived in the home. This history leads into the cultural and technological exhibits dating from 10,000 B.C. to the early 20th century. And then to complete the tour, you will get to walk around the historically-preserved cabins.

All of the furnishings and antiques found in both The Brown-Proctor House and Sagetown are the results of dedicated local citizens. These citizens invested their time and treasures into creating what we now know as the Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center.

Brown-Proctor House

The Brown-Proctor House was built in 1881 by John A. Brown, a seller of dry goods. In 1883, Mr. A.W. Brooks purchased the home and then sold it to John R. Coffey in 1884. In 1907, John Franklin Proctor bought the house and began an extensive remodel that lasted until 1911. This renovation included the addition of more bedrooms, a modern kitchen and bathrooms, and a second-story balcony with ionic columns.

The City of Scottsboro purchased the home in 1981 with funds raised by the Scottsboro-Jackson County Museum Commission. This was a community-wide effort to convert the antebellum home into a historical center.


Step into the 19th century when visiting this historical center by touring Sagetown. Sagetown is a recreation of a pioneer village consisting of original log structures dating between 1820 and 1880.

While exploring this town, you can learn how the county changed from Sauta and Bellefonte to Scottsboro and the establishment of Jackson County on December 13, 1819. The establishment of Jackson County and the construction of the Memphis-Charleston railroad brought many changes to the everyday routine of life in Scottsboro.

Paranormal Activity

With Halloween just around the corner, the rumored paranormal activity at the Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center is swarming the minds of many locals. Recently, TV personalities The Southern Ghost Girls Tours led the first ever interactive ghost hunt and paranormal investigation of the historic Brown-Proctor House and Sagetown.

With Jackson County and the History of Bellefonte, it comes at no surprise that the homes may come with a little activity from the now ghost town they rest upon. The history of Bellefonte is an important part of Scottsboro’s history. Unfortunately, now the only piece of it that remains besides the information preserved about it is its cemetery. Many have said they have experienced apparitions when visiting the cemetery.

Visiting Information

The Heritage Center is located at 208 South Houston St. and is open daily Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tours can be arranged Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. by appointment. Call the Center  at 256-259-2122 to schedule a tour or ask any questions you may have.


Has this piqued your interest in exploring your own paranormal investigation? The Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center is the perfect place to start. From local art and customs to the city’s history and traditions, everything you need to know about Scottsboro lives here—maybe even some of the original locals.

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