In the News: Community Pantry in Downtown Scottsboro

Community Pantry in Downtown Scottsboro

A new community pantry in Downtown Scottsboro is standing proudly near the Jackson County Juvenile Probation building at 110 East Appletree St.

The community pantry

The community pantry in Downtown Scottsboro was made possible thanks to local resident Gracie Zech. Gracie, together with her parents and grandfather, built the wooden community pantry for Gracie’s Girl Scouts Gold Award.

Now, anyone who may need a little help with a meal or two can find it for free at the free-standing pantry. It is stocked with items such as canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, soups, rice, mac-and-cheese and other dry goods.

In addition to a few staples, there are also a few feminine products available such as tampons and pads.

Give back

Not only can anyone who needs supplies pick them up, anyone who can donate supplies can drop them off in three convenient locations.

Simply take dried goods, canned goods, nonperishable items or feminine products to one of three locations.

Drop-off locations include the Juvenile Probation building by the pantry as well as City Hall and the Jackson County Courthouse. More specifically, take donations to either Judge Graham or Judge Benson’s offices.

Going for the gold

The Gold Award is the Girl Scouts’ highest honor and award. The overall objective is to find a need in your community. Then find a way to help make it better.

In order to earn the Girl Scouts Gold Award, candidates must meet several requirements. For example, they must be in high school and a registered Girl Scouts senior or ambassador among other things.

Find out more about the Girl Scouts, the Gold Award and how to get involved at


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