Coming Soon: The Greenery Plant Studio in Scottsboro

The Greenery Plant Studio in Scottsboro

There’s a little shop on the square where one small business owner’s dream hopes to take root. The Greenery Plant Studio in Scottsboro is working hard to make a plant studio and coffee house flourish downtown!

About The Greenery Plant Studio

While there is no set opening date as of now, we do know The Greenery Plant Studio in Scottsboro will be located at 212 South Broad St. It can be found between Edward Jones and Southern All-Sports on The Square.

Plans for the plant shop include offering a wide variety of houseplants and plant arrangements. The Greenery will also have classes on plant care, potting, and propagation.

Not only will shoppers find a bevy of natural beauty at the plant shop, they’ll find a select offering of espresso and coffee as well. Eventually, The Greenery hopes to add a selection of wine too.

For now, shop owner and founder Rachel Monroe is working to gather additional supplies while the remodel continues.

More about houseplants

For starters, a houseplant is also known as a potted plant or indoor plant. Indoor plants have been grown since ancient times. They have several benefits, from reducing stress to reducing toxins in the air!

Houseplants can also boost your immune system, improve productivity, and keep the noise level down. What’s more, there are tons of low-maintenance options out there too! That means you don’t have to have a green thumb to have houseplants.

And since The Greenery Plant Studio in Scottsboro will have plant care classes and more, newcomers can feel confident their plants will thrive.

Plus, plant lovers will be happy to know that the local specialty shop will carry high-quality plants sourced from small nurseries across the country. There will be unique types and rare plants available, too.

Stay tuned

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