Coming Soon: The Singing River Trail in North Alabama

The Singing River Trail in North Alabama

Get excited! A greenway trail system of approximately 200 miles will soon connect all of North Alabama. From busy towns to state parks and wildlife refuges, the Singing River Trail in North Alabama is bringing health and economic benefits.

About The Singing River Trail in North Alabama

The Singing River Trail in North Alabama will be the first of its kind in this region. Spanning across eight counties and 25 cities, this 200-plus mile greenway will connect cities such as Scottsboro, Huntsville, Decatur, Athens and many others.

This project first began as a 70-mile trail and quickly grew to the plan laid out today. This expansive greenway will run from Bridgeport to Guntersville, through Huntsville and go as far west as Muscle Shoals. But that’s not all. There are many small towns along the way.

Small towns are the strength of the Singing River Trail in North Alabama. Although they may not have thousands of residents, they do boast thriving family-run farms, annual town events and amazing homegrown restaurants.

This anticipated trail will allow for biking, hiking, walking, running and just about any other outdoor activity.

More about the trail

Developed in 2018 by the Land Use Committee on Launch 2035, this nonprofit will serve as a resource to connect the region, celebrate Native American heritage, provide educational opportunities, contribute to economic development, and provide health benefits.

Creating this connection between these North Alabama communities will help strengthen their bonds by allowing for tourism opportunities and by enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.

Connecting to North Alabama’s history

With strong connections to the Yuchi Indian tribe in North Alabama, the Singing River Trail draws inspiration from the tribe for both the name and logo.

Alabama has a history of natural beauty. Composed of caves, mountains, sinkholes, plants and wildlife unique to the area, the trail treats visitors to a one-of-a-kind nature experience. The trail will show off this natural history.

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge is also located on the trail. Wheeler is a 35,000-acre refuge that attracts thousands of wintering waterfowl. The refuge manages and protects habitats for 12 endangered or threatened species.

From agriculture to industry, the Singing River Trail in North Alabama highlights it all. From the land of cotton to the Redstone Arsenal and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, the trail will connect the industries.


Luckily for Willow Creek residents, we are located along the trail in Scottsboro! Contact us today to learn about our upcoming availabilities and continue reading our blogs for more about our community.